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The Saoura hotel, Taghit

Right in the centre of Taghit stands a superb building: The Saoura hotel.
The hotel needed a serious upgrade in order make it comply with the national and international norms and standards required in the hotel industry. It has an ideal location at the citywide level, and is the most significant landmark element, like a monument.
Its position makes it surrounded by a heavenly scenery in the east, offering in this direction an overlooking view of a palm grove landscape, a dense and soothing green oasis …
To the north, lies the hamada range, consisting of plateaus of rocky slabs; and to the west are the golden dunes, some exceeding 130 metres, that change colours according to the time of day, adding to the magic of the site... < br /> This remarkable dunes area provides an enchanting and extremely beautiful setting for the hotel.


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